Founder/President's Message

As President of The People Tree Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd, it is my pleasure to welcome you to our website. Within these pages is the unfolding story of an independent Society dedicated to the finest principles of true community banking. When greeting you face to face, you will find our level of personal banking service impeccable and our willingness to craft the right financial solutions always evident. Service is the very foundation of The People Tree Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd & Trust.

We know, however, that technologies such as the website and our Online Banking, Online Bill Pay and other services are an enhancement to personal service. We hope you enjoy using it to your benefit and for your convenience anywhere you have internet access.

When you’re ready to step up to better banking and to establish a banking relationship upon which to rely today and in the years ahead, please drop by or give us a call. Our entire staff is here to deliver superior customer service with a smile. We look forward to exceeding your highest expectations of what a bank can be.

V Girish

Founder / President


We, The People Tree Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd, the Karnataka financial institution of choice for our staff, customers and shareholders, set the standard of excellence in customer satisfaction, employee engagement, social responsibility and shareholder value while building successful societies.


Our mission is to provide personalized, efficient and competitively-priced financial services and to implement sound policies which will benefit our customers, staff, shareholders and the communities we serve.



The People Tree Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd is a partner in development that goes beyond the conventional codes of multilateral banks. It represents, operates and is recognized for its values that fulfill the founding vision.

Bold & Path-breaking

Innovative initiatives are required to change the face of development finance and make the value chain efficient and fast. This requires bold decisions and groundbreaking process innovation. At The People Tree Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd we are prepared to use technology for the larger goal of global development.


Our mission is to bridge the gaps between need and funding and to be a partner in bringing about truly holistic development. We look forward to partnering with developing countries to drive structural transformation by providing financial assistance for infrastructure and sustainability-driven projects.

Flexible & Adaptive

By virtue of our roots in developing economies, we possess a keen understanding of their financing needs. We come with a commitment to be flexible in our processes and approach in order to accommodate interests of our public and private partners. We intend to quicken the pace of loan disbursements by adapting our systems.


The People Tree Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd believes in transparency and complete disclosure. We are committed to ensure that our proceedings are transparent and all our policies, procedures and documents are publicly accessible.


Our constantly evolving identity embodies the philosophy we live by. Inspired by a Mobius strip, the Wire frame holds together our two fundamentals – the triangle of sustainable equilibrium and the propeller of change. The wire frame symbolizes infrastructure while green embodies sustainability. The continually changing form represents speed, agility and innovation.


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