The People Tree Credit Co Operative Society Limited is Bangalore’s premier Co-operative Society. The Society has attained this premier position without compromising the spirit of co-operative principles, while at the same time striving to assimilate and implement newer methods of work organization and management, with a firm commitment to its objective.

Our mission is to ensure to get loan for every valuable customer and members with low interest rate and by developing effective customer centric relationship and to ensure as the best service provider in every aspect of banking. OUR BANK STANDS ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

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1)To inculcate the spirit of cooperators among the people in the State
2)To encourage people to promote cooperatives on a voluntary basis
3)To ensure that the cooperatives are formed and function on democratic principles
4)To ensure that the cooperatives in the state enjoy maximum autonomy
5)To ensure that the cooperatives are accountable to members
6)To ensure that the cooperatives function as useful instruments to bring about sustained improvement in the quality of life of their members.
7)To ensure that the cooperatives function as instruments for poverty alleviation and for the uplift of weaker sections of the society in order to pave way for establishing an equalitarian society
8)To encourage cooperatives to emerge as self supporting, economic service- oriented business concerns
9)To encourage cooperatives serve as multi functional units
10)To encourage efficient deposit mobilization
11)To encourage efficient deployment of human resources
12)To achieve financial gains and to put mutual aim ahead of private interest
13)To provide equal opportunities to all the members
14)To encourage cooperatives to emerge as peoples bank
15)To prevent misuse by cooperators
16) To ensure independent audit
17) To infuse professionalism in the management
18) To serve towards national objectives
19) To have Cooperators among the Cooperatives
Initial Stages of Co-operative Movement